Police in Makira-Ulawa Province arrest man for alleged sale of kwaso

Police in Kirakira, Makira-Ulawa Province have arrested a man in his 20’s for the alleged sale of the locally-brewed alcohol known as kwaso on 17 November 2017 in the Waimasi area of West Makira.

Makira-Ulawa Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Superintendent Peter Sitai says, “My officers gathered information from the public alleging that a man was selling kwaso at Waimasi and so police followed it up and identified the man. Police then confiscated a total of eight bottles of various sizes containing kwaso and $550.00 cash.” The kwaso was brought in from Honiara.

Police investigate fire in West Honiara

Police at the White Police station in West Honiara are investigating an incident in the Tasahe area where a permanent residential building owned by the National Provident Fund burnt down Sunday afternoon 19 November 2017.

The residential building accommodated two separate families. No one was injured.

Police at the White River Police Station say that luckily no one was injured but both families lost all their properties during the fire.

Police in Makira-Ulawa Province joint stakeholders in awareness talk

With the Christmas festivities just around the corner, Police in Kirakira in the Makira-Ulawa Province together with two major stakeholders held a joint awareness talk at the provincial capital on 15 November 2017.

Police at the Kirakira Police Station along with officers of the Public Solicitors’ Office and the Kirakira National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) held the joint awareness talk covering issues including:

• Police and transport legislation (Amendments) (Alcohol testing) Act 2016
• Penal Code Amended Sexual Offence Act 2016; and
• Sea safety.