Welcome to the RSIPF Website

Welcome to the RSIPF Website, launched on Friday 14th July 2015.

The website has been developed in support of the RSIPF mission statement - ‘To provide a safe and peaceful Solomon Islands by strengthening relationships with the community’.

The website will improve external communications and also assist with the RSIPF goal to work in close partnership with the criminal justice system and external agencies.

The RSIPF is currently changing the way it is policing with a primary focus on Crime Prevention. The key element of any effective crime prevention approach is very effective communication, coordination and collaboration with the Community and stakeholders. This means in effect police and the community working together to make communities a better and safe places to live.

Assisting in this endeavour this website will provide a forum for the RSIPF to advise the community and other stakeholders about the strategy and for the community to relay their views and feedback. It is a visible symbol of the RSIPF’s absolute commitment to work together with the Community and as Commissioner I encourage all Solomon Islanders to work with the police.

Feature items on the home page will reflect the current work of the RSIPF and key areas of focus. One of the feature items on launch of the site is Family Violence. In 2009 the World Health Organisation listed the Solomon Islands as the 3rd worst country in the world for family violence. I encourage all visitors to the site to read and share the information and resources on this site with their families, friends and work colleagues. The RSIPF is working hard to combat family violence and violence against women and is working in partnership with other agencies and Ministries to tackle this problem. Please take the time to read this feature.

Other resources include information and brochures on traffic safety and policing, alcohol, kwaso and cannabis. These are also major social issues in the Solomon Islands and the RSIPF needs the support of communities to deal with the resultant crime issues and crime prevention.

The site also provides a range of information including the history and functions of the RSIPF and current projects including the Limited Rearmament of the RSIPF. Please check the ‘About RSIPF and ‘Resources’ sections above for this information.

I trust that you find this site useful and encourage you to share the link with others and I look forward to your support of the RSIPF and working in partnership with you all to make the Solomon Islands the safe and peaceful Hapi Isles.

Matthew Varley, Commissioner of Police