Public notification of road maintenance

The RSIPF Traffic Department has been liaising with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and can advise that workers from Lee Kwok Kwen Constructions have been engaged to conduct road maintenance along the Kukum Highway, commencing today, 4 December 2015, from in front of the Kukum Traffic Centre and continuing towards Point Cruz.

Works will include the section of road between Solomon Islands Water Authority (SIWA) area and the Mataniko River two lane bridge as at 9.00 am Sunday 7th December 2015. This is to fix the potholes and the drainage system at this location. Work is expected to continue until dark.

Traffic advice is that we will divert all traffic travelling from west to east to use the Mataniko bailey bridge, exiting at the Lawson Tama intersection. Vehicles travelling from east heading west to be diverted at Lawson Tama and exit at HCC round-about. This is to allow for worker’s safety and minimum disturbance of the job. The work depends on the weather.

RSIPF Traffic would like to advise that this may create some traffic congestion. Please plan you trips to avoid any inconvenience.