RSIPF assist to peacefully settle incident in Choiseul Province

RSIPF Officers at the Taro Police Station, Choiseul Province have successfully resolved an incident at Sagighae Village, between the villagers and a group of men, children and women who came across from Bougainville following the death of one of their relatives.

This followed a report from Sagighae Village, South Choiseul on Sunday 3 September 2017 that there were some disturbances after the group from Central Bougainville arrived to mourn the death of their relative who was married to a local woman.

Leaders of the group from Bougainville and those from Sagighae Village invited Taro Police to attend a meeting organised to sort out the matter. Police were able to assist and settled the matter in a peaceful manner.

“At the same time, police took the opportunity to warn the Bougainvilleans to respect the people and customs as well as the sovereignty of Solomon Islands. They were told that should they need any assistance in such incidences, they should get in touch with the Taro Police Station,” says Acting Provincial Commander, Choiseul Province, Rolland Lapo.

The people of Sagighae Village later assisted the group from Bougainville with fuel before they left yesterday.