Police Clearance

You may require a Police Clearances (also called criminal history check) for many official Government purposes such as immigration, scholarships, both locally and abroad, or to satisfy requirements of employers who seek to be reassured of a person’s good character. The Solomon Islands Government has charged the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force with the responsibility for producing Police clearances on its behalf.

This clearance includes checking a person’s fingerprint impression against all records held in the main fingerprint collection. If a person is found to have their prints already recorded, then the Police Clearance will indicate the reasons for this.  If not then a Clearance Certificate is issued stating that the applicant has not been previously recorded. 

Before taking fingerprint impressions for the purposes of a Police Clearance the identity of the person seeking a clearance must be established beyond doubt in order to ensure that the clearance is issued with credibility.  To do this, the applicant must complete all documentation on the application form correctly.

Members of the RSIPF will only process impressions for the purposes of a Police Clearance:

  1. If the application is completed fully and correctly.
  2. The application is accompanied by a receipt from the Ministry of Finance as proof that the appropriate fees ($90.00) has been paid to the SIG. 
  3. A passport size photo is provided of the applicant to accompany the form.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to satisfy the above criteria prior to a Police Clearance search being started. It is not the responsibility of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to follow up people for information required to process a Police Clearance.  

Fingerprints of a person are recorded on fingerprint form (PF10), also known as a ‘Police Clearance Fingerprint Form’.  This form records an applicants details and their consent for a search to be conducted of their fingerprint impressions against all fingerprints held in the main fingerprint collection. Applicants are required to sign a declaration that indemnifies Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the Solomon Islands Government from reporting on previous criminal history information revealed by the clearance search.

Police Clearances may be obtained by attending a collection point.  Current collections points are as follows:

  1. Police Headquarters, Rove, Honiara.

The following are steps that you will need to follow to apply for a Police Clearance:

  1. Pay the application fee ($90) at the Ministry Of Finance, you will be supplied with two receipts, one for your records, and one to bring to the Collection Point when you apply.
  2. Obtain a passport size photograph
  3. Attend a collection point and fill in your personal details on the PF10 form. Bring with you the following:
    • Your Ministry of Finance Receipt
    • Your Passport size Photograph
    • Proof of identity documents, such as a passport, birth certificate or drivers license
  4. Fingerprint impressions of your fingers will be taken.

Once you have completed the above steps, the Royal Solomon Islands Police will conduct a search of the fingerprints against the main fingerprints collection, and prepare the clearance certificate.  It will take approximately 5 working days for your application to be processed.  Once completed, your clearance will be available for collection from the Collection Point where you applied.  Please note that you will be required to provide Proof of Identity to collect your clearance.  Clearance certificates are not transferable and can only be used once, the original copy is valid only with the endorsement of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Forensic Services stamp. •

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