Memorandum Of Understanding

Title Summary Date Published File (click to download)
Rearmament of RSIPF Contains information regarding the staged limited rearmament of Royal Solomon Islands Police Force. August 11, 2015 PDF icon Limited Rearmament Brochure.pdf
RSIPF Crime Prevention Strategy Brochure Crime Prevention needs to be a priority for the RSIPF as not only will it build community confidence in the RSIPF, reduce the fear of crime and build relationships with the community, but it will provide a most effective strategy for dealing with crime. The strategy will also provide the RSIPF with improved information and intelligence with which it can deal with crime issues as they develop, not wait until issues occur and have to deal with the reactive policing issues. September 22, 2016 PDF icon 20160915 - Crime Prevention Strategy (eVersion).pdf
Alcohol and Drugs
Title Summary Date Published File (click to download)
Facts About Alcohol What is Alcohol? What happens when you drink alcohol? Read this brochure to answer these questions and learn other interesting facts about alcohol in our community. August 11, 2015 PDF icon Alcohol brochure.pdf
Dangers of Alcohol Abuse What are the dangers of alcohol, and when does its use become abuse? Find out and protect your family by reading this brochure. August 11, 2015 PDF icon DangersOfAlcholAbuse.pdf
Facts About Cannabis Use of Cannabis and Marijuana lead to long term health and dependency issues. Learn about the short term and long term effects of Cannabis. August 11, 2015 PDF icon FactsAboutCannabis.pdf
Facts About Kwaso Is Kwaso dangerous? How does it affect your body? Are there dangers in drinking Kwaso. This information will allow you to make an informed decision and understand why there are laws against Kwaso. August 11, 2015 PDF icon FactsAboutKwaso.pdf
Driving and Alcohol Facts about drinking and driving. August 11, 2015 PDF icon DrivingandAlcohol.pdf
Alcohol Testing of Drivers This brochure outlines more details in relation to alcohol and driving and the introduction of new legislation on Alcohol Testing of drivers and operators of vehicles which includes motor vehicles, vessels and aircraft. June 10, 2016 PDF icon Alcohol Testing.pdf
Domestic Violence
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Family Violence How many types of family violence can you identify? What are signs of violence, and what help is available for those experiencing family violence? With information in this brochure will be able to assist others and help stop family violence in Solomon Islands. August 11, 2015 PDF icon FamilyViolence.pdf
MSG Declaration on Combating Domestic and Family Violence Commitment signed by the Police Commissioners of MSG countries. August 11, 2015 PDF icon MSGDeclaration.pdf
Domestic Violence Survivors Flowchart Would you know how to assist victims of Domestic Violence? This chart provides a ready reference to be prepared. August 11, 2015 PDF icon SurvivorsFlowchart.pdf
Emergency Medical Response for Family and Sexual Violence Survivors of family and sexual violence are likely to have both acute and long-lasting medical and psychosocial needs. Médecins sans Frontières defines five essential services that should be offered immediately following any incident. The five essential services represent the minimum level of care required. August 12, 2015 PDF icon EssentialServicesForSexualViolence.pdf
Flowchart of Care for Sexual Violence Survivors Flowchart of care to follow when assisting Sexual Violence Survivors August 12, 2015 PDF icon FlowchartOfCareForSexualViolence.pdf
Commissioner RSIPF Opening Address to the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence The Commissioner RSIPF presented the Opening Address to the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence on 25 November 2015. The speech is attached. November 26, 2015 PDF icon 20151125 - CRSIPF Speech - 16 Days of Activism (Final).pdf
Keynote address - Ken Lay - White Ribbon Day 2015 This keynote address was delivered by the Chair of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Advisory Panel on Reducing Violence against Women and their Children, Mr Ken Lay, former Chief Commissioner of the Victoria Police. Mr Lay reflected on the underlying causes of violence against women and how we all might begin to change the attitudes that encourage it, and talked about the emotion he felt when presented with confronting new research being released today about the attitudes of young people. December 10, 2015 PDF icon Keynote address by Ken Lay - 20151125.pdf